WoW Mists Of Pandaria Key Generator

Mists Of Pandaria Giveaway

WoW Mists Of Pandaria Key Generator


Games Legion is  hosting another giveaway after a successful Mists of Pandaria Beta Giveaways , and this time for the Full Retail Game of Wow Mists of Pandaria . All the keys are sponsored and the winners will be announced at the MOP release date.


You can join the Mists of Pandaria Retail Giveaway on our Facebook page , like it to join and then in the giveaways section you can earn entries  . You may ask yourself what are entries ? Entries are how we decide who wins the Free Mists of Pandaria Keys at the end of the giveaway . Most active members of our community will be rewarded with more entries giving them more chance to win not only the Free MOP Keys but also other rewards that we have planned for our Giveaways like Free World Of Warcraft Game Time Card , WoW Gold , Diablo 3 Gold , Diablo 3 Keys and Free Trials . Earning entries in mists of pandaria giveaway gives you a chance to win one of these awesome rewards !!


Here you Can Download Mists of pandaria key generator



Instructions how to use Generator :

1. Run Mist Of Pandaria Key Generator

2.Hit generate and wait for the green progress bar

3. Download access key

4. Paste access key to “access key Field”

5. Enjoy your Mist of Pandaria Digiatal Deluxe Edition!


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  1. aplemoosh

    Omg ty for free mop key m8

  2. Rokan

    Now i got MOP on both of my accounts,dude, good job

  3. Gasel23

    mop worked!! thanks man.

  4. stamens

    Never paying for WoW again lol

  5. Pierre

    Awesome!! I got my pandaria ,im already 87 lol

  6. goust

    i quit playing after i lvld to 85 during Cata and came back to MOP when i find this Site thx alot.

  7. Human

    I haven’t played wow in about 2 months. I took a break because of college and all.And now find this free MOP key, Now i have 2 acc hehehe.

  8. cleto

    can i get more then 1 code ?

    • admin

      You can get one code per day at one single computer, if you use generator on second computer you can generate one more code

  9. Mustafa

    i just add mop on my account! im playing right now.

  10. wowFAN

    i just needed this to get to 90lvl whit my Paladin called Athene :)

  11. Warlock

    i heard about it from my guild mate , two of them got the pandaria and i ofc after 10min thanks mate.

    • admin

      Gz and gz your guild m8’s on free mist of pandaria key

  12. Chi fany
    Chi fany03-01-2013

    Thanks i have add MOP , now im ready to play whit my DK ..

  13. Mark

    100% working guys i have got my Digital deluxe edition of mist of pandaria ty gameslegion i will try more games for sure

    • admin

      ty for supporting us

  14. admin


    • Admin

      New comment system added

  15. joker


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